About Kurios

Kurios is a smartphone web application for saving and sharing audio stories embedded in physical objects. You can use Kurio to preserve your memories sparked by family photos, heirlooms, travel souvenirs, and trophies into the objects themselves. All you need is a smartphone and our custom QR labels. Simply place the sticker on the item you want to add stories to and scan it with your phone. Note that each story is limited to 5 minutes in length.

System Overview

Objects can be set to communal or singular authorship. With communal authorship, anyone with a Kurios account and access to the object can record stories onto the object. This is a great option for families and friends. With singular authorship only the object's owner can record stories onto it. This is a great option for institutions. To 'own' an object just be the first person to scan its tag and give it a name.

Stories can also be marked as public or private. Anyone with access to an object can listen to its public stories. Private stories can only be heard by the story's author.

Both communal and singular authorship objects can hold public and private stories.

More information about privacy is available in our terms of service. And there's a sample object available here.

QR Labels

Kurios QR labels will be available for purchase soon!

How to Scan QR Labels

For iOS Devices, scanning must be enabled. To do so, navigate to Settings, Camera, and then enable 'Scan QR Codes.'

For Android Devices, a notification should appear when the camera is pointed at the code. If not, you may have to go into internet settings or beta/useful features to enable QR scanning.

If your device does not have QR scanning built in, or you are not sure how to enable it, you can also use any mobile site or application that supports this feature.

System Requirements

Android: 9+ on devices with cameras.
iOS: 12+ on devices with cameras (recording requires Safari)
QR readers are available via apps on both platforms for some older devices. While these apps will allow listening, recording new stories may not be possible.