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About The Team

Photo: Matthew Mosher

Matthew Mosher

Boston native Matthew Mosher is an intermedia artist, Fulbright Scholar, and research professor who creates embodied experiential systems. He received his BFA in Furniture Design from the Rhode Island School of Design in 2006 and his MFA in Intermedia from Arizona State University in 2012. While in Phoenix, Arizona he co-founded the non-profit [nueBOX] residency program for emerging performance and installation artists. Currently, he is an assistant professor of digital media at the University of Central Florida. Mosher exhibits his work across the United States, and internationally in India, China, Finland, and the Netherlands. His research is published in the ACM Computer-Human Interaction, Tangible Embodied Interaction, and New Interfaces for Musical Expression conference proceedings. His public installations, dynamic performances, and experiential systems bridge the physical and digital worlds by mixing new media, sensing technology, relational aesthetics, computer programming, collaborative practice, and traditional sculpture processes. His extensive experience working with hybrid digital and physical systems qualifies him as the team lead interaction designer.

Photo: Yovanna Pineda

Yovanna Pineda

Dr. Yovanna Pineda is an associate professor in the UCF Department of History, specializing in Argentine, South American, and economic history. Her research is on the history of technology, capitalism, and the industrialization processes, and its meanings to the people who experienced it during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Her work is interdisciplinary, using ethnographic, archival, collective memory, oral histories, and material culture to derive the meanings of technology.

Photo: Lori C. Walters

Lori C. Walters

Dr. Walters is a Research Associate Professor at the School of Modeling, Simulation & Training and Department of History at the University of Central Florida. Walters is the 2019 recipient of the Florida Historical Society’s Caroline P. Rossetter Award for Outstanding Woman in Florida History and 2019 UCF Luminary Award. She is the director of the ChronoPoints Lab that focuses on laser scanning Mid Century buildings and artifacts. The project has scanned numerous structures including Eero Saarinen’s TWA Flight Center at JFK International Airport, Philip Johnson’s New York State Pavilion, Gene Leedy’s First National Bank of Cape Canaveral, the Morelli House in Las Vegas, Ford Roundhouse in La Mesa, CA, and an Apollo-Saturn V launch vehicle. Since 2000, she has been active in the preservation of Cape Canaveral history gathering oral histories and the digitization of 10,000+ images. She has also worked extensively in the development of historical virtual environments, including the National Science Foundation funded ChronoLeap: The Great World’s Fair Adventure. She is the recipient of funding from the National Endowment for the Humanities, National Science Foundation, Army Research Lab, Microsoft, and State of Florida Bureau of Historic Preservation.

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Robert A. Michlowitz

Rob is a Postdoctoral Scholar at the Institute for Simulation and Training (IST) – School for Modeling, Simulation, and Training at the University of Central Florida. His varied academic background includes degrees in Management (B.S.), Economics (M.A.), Computer Science (B.S.) and Modeling and Simulation (M.S., Ph.D.), which fits into the diverse research mission of IST. He has assisted Dr. Walters in the preparation of several National Science Foundation, National Endowment for the Humanities and State of Florida grants. In 2015, Dr. Walters and Rob were one of ten awardees in the Microsoft HoloLens for Research competition which had over 500 universities and nonprofit teams competing. Additionally, he has over 15 years of experience in corporate information technology - at IBM, GE, Macy’s and others, as a programmer and system administrator. Rob has a diverse love and knowledge of technology, economics and has a good lay knowledge of history. He specializes in putting things together (people, technology, and ideas).

Photo: Cameron Tolentino

Cameron Tolentino

Cameron Tolentino is a Digital Media graduate student currently attending the University of Central Florida. Previously, he obtained a B.A. in Web Development, and now he uses the knowledge of user experience and design to create other devices for similar fields. His main research interests include narrative identity in digital culture, and the effects of hyperreality on reasoning and embodiment. He is also highly interested in building models, modding computer games, and redeveloping past systems using modern technology and standards.