Watch by Gregory Dyulgevrov

What is Kurios?

Kurios is a smartphone web application for saving and sharing audio stories embedded in physical objects. People can use Kurios to preserve their memories of family photos, heirlooms, travel souvenirs, and trophies into the objects themselves. The system uses QR code stickers and a custom built web app. Anyone with a smartphone, internet connection, and tagged object can listen to the stories on it. The objects owner can decide to allow other people to also record stories on the object, or if it is private to them. In this way objects can collect multiple stories from different people over time.

Family Photos


Travel Souvenirs

Trophies & Awards

How does it work?

Here's an interactive sample of the Kurios interface.


We see significant potential for this new technology platform to be used in Museum settings. Without needing a set of proprietary devices, or developing their own app, museums can use Kurios to add audio guides to the labels of works in their collections. Museum visitors could then use their own phones and headsets to listen to the embedded audio content. Removing shared audio players also reduces the risk of transmitting infectious diseases. To test our system we are partnering with the Wells Built Museum of African American History and Culture and other institutions. In collaboration with the museums we will create audio content for a selection of objects in their collections.